Thursday, July 30, 2009

Captain Dynamo - Read Through

The importance of a read through (to me):
1) Hear it come to life. Dialogue, moments.
2) Hear what jokes hit and which ones fall flat.
3) Get a lot of notes to see what universally works and what doesn't.

I'm basking in the glow of a really fun, fantastic read through of Captain Dynamo and the Boy Rangers. I had a huge amazing ensemble cast of kids and adults to bring this little script to life. And how great was it to hear and watch eight little kids screaming, gasping, ad libbing ... loved it.

I'm sitting in bed, way past my bedtime pouring through everyone's notes and questionnaires. It's fun to see what people loved universally. Veronica's relationship with Conor. I think all 40 or so people said WE LOVE THAT. Cool, I won't touch it. In general, a lot of people didn't understand the Russian Mother. That might be a place that I slice and dice. Those are the moments when you hold your breath and press DELETE. And then don't look back. Combining two of the kids, yeah, I might end up doing that one too. Just need to sit with all of the wonderful notes and start fresh in the morning. SIGH. Good day. Good day.

So a huge thank you to all the cast and their families for participating and bringing this to life.


mikehedge said...

love it!. neat about the reading =)

Anonymous said...

Bummed I missed it! It sounds like it was great fun. Definitely let me know if you do another one.