Friday, July 24, 2009

42 Minutes And Counting

I didn't realize this would be an all day affair. And so gosh darn boring, but alas. I'm archiving footage up at UT today. In my little, lonesome editing room, just me, FCP, my hard drive and my old Beta SP, Hi-8 and DV Cam tapes.

My good intern/all around kick ass John Mace has been awesome in organizing all of my old films and tapes. And helped me get set up for a day of transferring old masters to quicktime files. I'm lucky to have the access at UT that I do and figured, while I'm still here, I should make the most of it.

Back up your old master tapes. Because ten years will pass and you will realize that some of your early works are still on mini DV tapes and DV Cam tapes and even HI-8 tapes. Remember Hi-8? Yeah, probably not for some of you. And then you hope and pray that that little Hi-8 tape that holds the very first film (masterpiece) you ever made about the guy who's fish died and then had to flush it down the toilet could be damaged or scratched or messed up in any way. You gotta keep this stuff around, y'know? And in good shape. Sure for posterity and all that, but more importantly for when I'm famous and rich and sought after by every major studio and adored by fans all around the world who want to see the early filmmaking beginnings of Kat Candler. Sigh.


Brian Boyko said...

That's one of the reasons I switched over to AVCHD as soon as I did. I archived all my tapes (no mean feat, believe you me) and now I'll never touch tape again.

Well, I suppose if I was paid...

Kat Candler said...

I'm just anxious to have my own studio so I can hire people to do all of this stuff. That's the dream.