Friday, July 31, 2009

The 3-D Revolution

I knew it was coming. I could feel it. And today I got the question, "Can we make it a 3-D shoot?" My response, "Yes". I guess it was inevitable. Every family film that's been hitting theaters lately has been in 3-D. And yes, for this particular project it makes a whole lot of sense.

So do I know what shooting 3-D entails? Barely. Time to do a quick crash course. I can see how to have a lot of fun with the format. BUT my one hesitation about 3-D, I like it when movies fully embrace it. Up was probably the perfect example. It never felt 3-D, it just was. It never made a gimmick out of it. It just took you into the world and away you went. Other films seem to have those "3-D" scenes or moments that take you out of the film. That would be the last thing I'd want to do.

One mini gripe about the 3-D revolution ... discovering that theaters are charging an extra $3-$4 for anything in 3-D. Say what? I discovered it when balancing my checkbook after Mark and I went to see G-Force last weekend. $24 for two people? Argh! (In my old crochety voice) I remember going to the theater as a kid and paying $2 for a movie. Oh how times have changed.

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Bryan Klimt said...

I assumed that the recent rise of 3D was solely attributable to the rise of CG. OTOH, Coraline was great in 3D, and that was stop motion.