Friday, June 19, 2009

What's in a Name?

As I jump around from script to script, I sometimes confuse my character names. Coming up with names in movies is always a challenge. I find inspiration in year books, random text, magazines, baby name book, friends. So I was remembering where I get some of my old character names from movies and scripts ...

Anna Roberts - I don't know where I got Anna from but Robert is a family name. My brother, my dad, my grandfather and so on. I used it in a short film too. Lucy Roberts.

Brain Brawl
Olivia Reynolds - Derived from college roommate and best friend - Ama Livia Reynolds
Nisha Azhar - My good friend Nisha Patel.
Kimball Everett - I don't know how I came up with this name, but I love it.

jumping off bridges
Grove - A friend from high school named Grove. Her real name was Harriett but she hated her real name so she went by Grove. I always thought it sounded cool.

The Spider in the Bathtub - Feature Family Comedy Script
Bojo Bill Lawrence - Bojo's a friend from college. Now lives in NYC. His real name is Bojo Bill Lawrence. I asked permission to use his real name because, well, it was just too perfect.

Ninja James and the Beast Boy - Short Film
Mrs. Burchette - My evil, evil 3rd grade teacher who told me I had cow eyes.

Love Me - Teen Thriller Script
Sylvia Potter - A high school friend named Sylvia. Nothing terribly significant. Just thumbing through an old yearbook and thought, you never hear Sylvia, really.

The Edmonton Children - Horror Script
Claire James - Best friend growing up and best friend still, Clare Aronow.

I've used the name Harry ... a lot. Just noticed that. I don't know any Harry's. Weird.


Clare said...

I'm honored to have a character name! But wait, it's a horror film. Does your Claire get killed? Is it because she spells it with an "i"? could fix that you know.


Ben said...

Please have a character named Ben Bartley in your movie. He can be anything you want: good guy, bad guy, horribly obsessed with pugs guy.

Also, if you ever want to use a guy named "Neb Yeltrab", that is my name spelled backwards.

Garrett Shook said...

Reading that, I think you're a closet fan of Harry Potter.