Friday, June 05, 2009

Weeds - I'm Slow

When it comes to any cable television show, I'm always slow to catch on. Well, probably because I don't have cable. I can't have cable or else I'd constantly be in front of it. So thank god for TV on DVD. My good friend Clare tried to convince me long ago of the charm of the Showtime hit Weeds. So we watched an episode together late one night in her West Village apartment and I think I fell asleep half way through. Grant it, it was late and an episode from maybe the third season and I had no idea what was going on.

So then last weekend in doing some casting research for a project, I picked it up and devoured the first season. Holy gamoly. I'm in love. Season One, you're awesome. Witty, hilarious, beautifully acted, sweet and sad. So I just started Season Two last night with Mark. And it's actually a TV series he doesn't cringe at when I make him watch it. And he laughs out loud with me from the couch.

Deena tells me Season 3 is the best so far, but I'm happy to be savoring each 28 minute episode for now wishing it was an hour long program. It's good shit, man.

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