Wednesday, June 03, 2009


Please can we bring it home and watch it? PLEASE??????

That's my husband every time we go to the video store and I find him holding the DVD box for Tiptoes.

No, I won't do it. I can't.

That's me in response to his begging and pleading. Some things are so bad they're funny. And some things are so bad they're boring and bad. And then bad some more. I have a feeling Tiptoes falls into the later category. Just a hunch.

It's real, people. Oh yeah, it's real.


ryan said...

How did I miss THAT?? "The only that matters is the size of your heart?" Classy.

Although I kinda wanna see it....


Oh Kat...stay away...far far far away. Now, this is not hyperbole and I in no way want you to think I'm joking but TIPTOES is the single most excruciating cinematic experience in my entire life. That's a cold hard fact. It was painful. Literally...pain set in it was so bad. I saw this at Butt-Numb-A-Thon 4 and it was horrible beyond belief.




Mark said...

My hunch is that it's the best movie ever!!

Clay Liford said...

The most screwed up thing is that it's from director Matthew Bright, who gave us the brilliantly f'ed up FREEWAY, and the under-appreciated remake of GUN CRAZY. He also warped my mind at a young age, with the film he wrote and co-starred in. That would be Richard Elfman's THE FORBIDDEN ZONE. The "cult" movie that turned me on to cult movies at the age of 12.

I keep thinking this has to be some sort of subversive joke that perhaps even the actors are unaware of. Giving Bright the benefit of the doubt here.

Ben said...

Watching this movie would be the filmmaker's equivalent to slowing-down in traffic to see an accident on the free-way.