Thursday, June 11, 2009

Script Notes

Spent all day working on three pages of script notes from a company for my teen thriller. I wrote this script last year, but just started taking it out a few months ago. It's my first attempt at a thriller. What I've learned ... thrillers = hard! I still have about a page of notes left. It feels good though. There's one huge note that takes some major reweaving, but I was well aware that it needed it. I hope to have this draft finished in time for our conference call next week. That is if I can squeeze in a little work time during Mark's birthday weekend. I'm probably kidding myself.

I finished a decent draft of Captain Dynamo this week and gave it to intern Andrew and intern Marisol for notes.

And lastly, I'm waiting for the latest outline to come back from Toddy on the teen comedy. Dude, I love our teen movie. I love it! It's silly, fun, sweet, romantic and big. We still need to come up with a title so I can stop calling it "the teen movie" because that doesn't differentiate itself much from my other scripts.

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