Monday, June 15, 2009

Love Me

Love Me is close, close, close! After a great phone meeting this morning I'm feeling confident about the script and where it's going and all the notes I've been working on. It never hurts to hear kind words every so often to keep you going. It's hard not to get your hopes up on things because more often than not, they come crashing down with a big, fat THUD. And trust me, I've heard that thud many, many times before. But it's still nice to think good thoughts. And continue to dream.

One thing that's been funny/confusing lately. It seems like outside of Austin, maybe outside Texas, or maybe just in Los Angeles, people don't think of me as a director. Just a writer. It's weird.

You know I'm a director too.


Yeah, no really. I've been directing for about 10 years now.

Huh. I did not know that.


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