Friday, June 19, 2009

Love Me - New Draft, New Twists, New Turns

I've spent the week writing, rewriting, tweaking, finessing, changing a word here, moving a phrase there. Trying to shave every inch to get those pages down. I didn't realize what an art shaving pages was until last year. But after a week of looking at and rewriting the script I was ready to hand it over. I hesitated a few times before pressing SEND. Make sure it's the right draft. Yep. Ok, make sure that change is still there. Yep. And that other change? Yep. Deep breath. Ok.

So now I wait, hold my breath and see if they like the changes.

The major note I had to work on was weaving in a new twist. The thing about writing thrillers (and I've only written one so far, mind you) is that everything affects everything. So you have to read every square inch over and over and over again to make sure every dot is connected and every "t" is crossed. But man is it fun trying to manipulate ... is it him? is it her? or is it the other guy? is it two of them? is it any of them? You just have to read it ... hopefully all the way to the end to find out.

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Anonymous said...

Now I want to read it! Stacey and the kids (again).