Monday, June 29, 2009

Los Angeles - Day Three and Four

Sunday was a "catch up with friends" day. Clay tagged along to hang out with Ben and Courtney. And then I met up with my ex-UT students. Oh my god, these guys make me laugh until my sides hurt. But the only thing that bummed me out was that they've only been out here a month and already they seem so jaded. Guys, keep your chins up. Make your own friggin' movies! Don't worry what everyone else is doing.

Today ruled. Total A+ day. Van took us around Cartoon Network introducing us to all of the CN animators and artists. And then hopped over to the Disney Lot to get the full tour and meet all of Van's Disney animator friends. Basically I learned that Van knows EVERYBODY. Thanks for being our fearless tour guide, Van!

More fun, friends and meetings tomorrow.

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Bryan Klimt said...

Sounds like a lot of fun. If this computer science thing doesn't work out, I'm gonna have to start hitting you up to get me voice-acting gigs. ;-)