Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Intern Explosion

I'm exploding with interns. Don't ask me how I acquired so many. I've even been handing out interns to other A&L folks. I only really needed one, but I just have a hard time saying no. So my office is getting a little cozy. In fact I feel like the population at Arts and Labor has doubled this summer. But my interns have been awesome little worker bees.
  • Intern Marisol - Spring 2009 UT student of mine. She's badass. Quiet but she gets shit done!
  • Intern John - Spring 2009 UT student of mine. John = Tech Whiz. Yay!
  • Intern Andrew - Fall 2009 future student of mine. Totally crazy, totally witty and totally Hi-larious.
  • Intern Lucas - Austin High Graduate back home for the summer. He helped on Quarter to Noon over a year ago, and he's back.

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