Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Girl's Camp - Day Three

9:30pm and I'm about to call it a night. Spent a whole day shooting And Sue. We have a few more shots to get and we'll be ready to edit. The girls have been absolutely amazing. Completely focused, professional, sweet and great little actresses. They've definitely brought the funny. I'm bummed to have to leave on Friday and miss their big film premiere. I wish I could see the whole thing all the way through, but I trust they'll be in good hands with Marisol and Cristy. Those girls will help fine tune and polish their little masterpiece. So far this year has been a total blast. Loving every second of it.

New word of the day = Chillax.

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ryan said...

Maybe I should take another summer camp job this year. It would be nice to work with happy kids for a change...