Sunday, June 14, 2009


1) The Twisted Root = Fried Pickles, Fried Green Beans, Fried Onions, Fried Sweet Potatoes
2) Almost the entire slice of Chocolate Torte Cake. And bites of Nutella Cake, Cinnabon Cake and Rum Cake.
3) The atrocity that is ... Land of the Lost
4) Playing, Rock Band 2 and thinking ... maybe being in a band in college was actually a lot of fun and maybe I should do it again at the age of 34 ... nah ... too old.
5) Witnessing The Room but falling asleep before I was able to finish it. It's real. It's really real.
6) Spending $60 on Teen Movie DVDs at the biggest Half Price Books I've ever seen. At least I can write it off as a business expense.
7) Watching Twilight again. And then listening to the commentary with Mandy. Yes, Mandy, R-Patz is hot and funny. I get it.


Mandy said...

Noo! I must keep trying to convince you!

The first thing my coworker said to me this morning was, "We have to talk about New Moon and when it's coming out and the fact that I'm coming with you to the midnight screening."

Anonymous said...

Pattinson filming a movie around NYU/Washington Square today. Lots of girlies with their camera phones snapping photos! Clare

David Lowery said...

I just read the first Twilight book on the plane. I'm trying to resist the urge to go get the second one. It's so bad. But

Kat Candler said...

... good.

David Lowery said...

Oh yeah. That's the word!