Monday, May 11, 2009

"Why Don't You Like Art House Films Anymore?"

This is a question my husband recently asked me.
First of all, I love art house films. The good ones, at least. I'm on pins and needles for Still Walking to come to a theater near me. I wept through The Orphanage. Fell in love with Wendy and Lucy. Marveled over my friends films like St. Nick and The Order of Myths. But when I go to the video store and the theater these days, I see movies like ... Star Trek, Another Cinderella Story, Caddyshack, 17 Again, Pride, Wolverine, Man of the House, Crank 2, Blank Check, I Love You, Man ...
So why am I eating up all things commercial and all things Hollywood? Easy. This is what I'm writing right now. Teen comedies, family adventures, horror, thrillers ... This is what I'm into at this stage of the game and I could give a rat's butt if you think any less of me because of it.

I spent most of my 20s eating up all things art house. I lived and breathed the Arbor Cinema and the Dobie Theater (hell, I got married there). And I loved it. I loved depressing, gritty, edgy, experimental, thought provoking, dirty, grimy ... I did. I made my two small, personal feature films that plastered my heart all over the movie screen. jumping off bridges even put me back in therapy. And trust me after spending four years of my life with that story and everyone else's stories, I needed it.
So let me do something big and silly and fun. Let me laugh and make you laugh in return. Let's go on an adventure for 90 minutes to places I've never been to, past, present, future. Let me pretend to be a kid again in a 34 year old's body. Let me make movies that I can take my nieces and nephews to. Let me make movies that remind me of the movies me and my dad shared a love for growing up. Heck, that's all I ask.

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