Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Spring Script to Screen Screening, 5/9

Spring Script to Screen Screening
Saturday, May 9th
10am - 12pm
Alamo South Lamar
Free to the Public
No Food or Drink Service

The Art Gallery (Jourdan Gibson and Lacey Olson)
Muscle Memory (Josh Hilliard)
Mission: Implausible (Mike Shutt)
Slice of Life (Austin Bouse)
Whatever It Takes (Leng Wong)
The Strange Case of Kip McLean (Sameet Sreenivasan)
Gum Drops (David Toth)
Lookout (Nancy Gresham)
El Puma (Monserrat Martinez and Marisol Medrano)
Love Bug (Kat Candler)
Projection (Elijah Parker)
Man of Empire

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