Saturday, April 25, 2009

Tribeca - Day Five

Briana and Van (Johnny Bravo). We love Van.

The red carpet where we had to wait in line to get our photo op.

We spent a lot of time on that couch in between meetings.

We spent three solid days here at the Tribeca Cinemas Gallery taking meeting after meeting after meeting.

Our friend Lily, the recipient of the Adrienne Shelley award for screenwriting. We think she's really rad.

After a long week of meetings and parties and losing my cell phone in a cab, we got home about 1am and crashed. And crashed hard.

Yesterday's highlights ...

1) Robert DeNiro and his little entourage brushing past me at the awards ceremony.
2) Two really kick ass meetings with companies that I've admired for years.
3) Dancing on the dance floor with all of our TAA friends and Lance Reddick (The Wire).
4) Watching our new friends honored with cash prizes to forward their films.
5) Seeing Jamie Hector who played Marlo on The Wire and for some reason feeling a little nervous about it. He still scares me.

This has been an amazing experience. The folks at the Tribeca Film Institute and Tribeca All Access have put together something really special. And we're indebted to them.

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(cousin) Katie said...

Lt. Daniels AND Marlo!!! How exciting- Jeff and I are in the middle of season 3 right now. I cant wait to hear (or read) what comes of your Tribeca meetings...