Monday, April 20, 2009

Tribeca Bound

I'm sitting in Charlotte, NC waiting for my delayed flight to Newark to board. Apparently the weather over the New York and New Jersey skies ain't so good. I'm ready to put my bags down, flop back on my hotel bed and stare at the ceiling for a little bit.

It was a rough weekend in Memphis with my family. I was sad to tell my dad goodbye at the airport this morning. It doesn't always hit you until you're sitting alone in a huge airport surrounded by a ton of strangers. But I'm grateful I had the time that I did with my grandmother.

I look forward to my time in New York pitching this little project to financiers, production companies and "people that can make your dreams come true" as my dad likes to call them.

For those of you following our little Tribeca adventure, I'll make sure to take some snapshots and post daily reports.

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