Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Test Shoots (7 Good Reasons To Do Them)

What I love about test shoots.

1) There's no stress.
2) You can play.
3) You can experiment.
4) You can make lots of mistakes and learn from them before getting on set.
5) You can shoot your movie before you shoot your movie.
6) You can test the post work flow.
7) You can test color correction and "the look".

All of my students either already turned in their test shoots or are about to turn in their test shoots. It's fun seeing scenes of the movie before seeing the movie. It's nice for them to discover what's working and what's not working. And I love seeing their "aha" moments when they discover something they hadn't intended and how it can make the film that much better. Practice makes perfect.

We did a first round of test shoots yesterday for Love Bug. Figured out the space in my apartment and how things will be laid out. We went through several shots figuring out lenses, light and dolly movements. Totally low key. Just me, Greg and Scott. We'll do another round with actors and lights before we do a full blown shoot. What I've discovered is that this is a really simple shoot. As long as we can get the lighting, production design and performances down, I think it'll play really well.

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