Friday, February 06, 2009

Yesterday was Thursday, Today's Friday. Woohoo!!!!

Day one of our corporate shoot went really well. It's much more fun shooting than it is prepping those things. It's not like prepping a narrative where it's all about colors and costumes and creative stuff. But I'll say I've learned a ton on this. Jason's taken the lead on a lot of things and I'm super grateful since he's been on a lot more of these. Our DP is great and knows how to rig a dolly in like two minutes flat. And with corporate stuff, almost everything's on a dolly. Slowly moving around actors, keyboards, hands, products ...

I think I might've caught up on some sleep last night too. I was at the point where I just wanted to cry for no reason I was so tired. This weekend I vow to sleep and do a whole lot of nothing. Well, Saturday at least. The couch might be my little heaven for twelve hours.

Today's Friday. And it actually means something.

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