Monday, February 09, 2009

NJBB - Editing

Remember that little short Ninja James and the Beast Boy that we shot last fall? Well, we're still editing the sucker. Spent a few hours last night with Mr. Chennault tweaking the latest cut. It's clocking in at about 10:30 right now. That doesn't include credits. I challenged Chadwick to get it down another minute. That means pinching it here and there. It needs it, I think. It still feels a little long for an action film. So we're ditching shots we love just to move the story forward. That's the hardest part. Cuts like a knife. But yeah, Chadwick added some cool stuff and made some moments that I hated, moments that I actually like now. The magic of editing. His mission is to show it to folks that don't know me or the story and get some brutally honest feedback from it. Moving on!

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