Thursday, February 19, 2009

Maybe Later, Los Angeles

LinkI was supposed to leave for LA on Sunday for a week. But it ain't happenin'. I clicked that little button today that said, "Cancel Ticket". Sigh. There was no time to prepare. No time to email, call, line things up. I feel pretty bummed about it. More bummed than I thought I would be, but hey, whatever. It means I get to visit with Ryan and Tom when they get here. Which means a whole lot.

So I'll be prepping for a NY trip at the beginning of March. But by prepping, I mean ... so, when do I get to hang out with all my friends after I finish up with my jumping off bridges screening? That makes me happy. I miss my girls.

So Los Angeles, you'll just have to wait until the end of the semester to hang out again.

1 comment:

Clay Liford said...

LA is for dumb butts. You're still gonna be recovering from all the MEGA-FUN we'll be having on Sat anyhow! The MEGA-FUN train is headed to town! Toot! Toot!