Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Juggling Projects - It's a Balancing Act

An Inappropriate Education - 1st Solid Draft, check. Read Through comin' up in a few days.

Brain Brawl - Is going out to an actress this week. It's been dormant up until yesterday.

Ninja James - Chadwick's still cutting. Planning a rough cut screening very soon.

Love Bug - Cast, production design and storyboard meetings this week and next.

Quarter to Noon
- Lots and lots of screenings next week for Women's Day / Week.

jumping off bridges - Been slowly paying off our debt still. Feels great every time we send off a check. Heading to New Jersey/New York next week for a community screening.

The Spider in the Bathtub - Waiting to hear about something.

Love Me - It's out to a small group of people.

My Husband - Planning a short vacation so we can see each other's faces without the every day distractions. I miss him.

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Cristy said...

All that AND YOU TEACH! I don't know how you do it, but keep up the great work.