Sunday, February 15, 2009

Casting - Love Bug

In the middle of casting yesterday one of the little girls pointed out, "I know why you picked today to do auditions for Love Bug." "Oh yeah, why's that?" " Cause it's Valentine's Day!"

We spent a full day from 8am - 5pm watching about forty 7-10 year olds reading for the parts of Maddy and Turtle. It was cute, cute and more cute. They were little, big, skinny and round, inexperienced, experienced, younger and older. We had a full range.

So as I'm watching these kids it's more about Who is Turtle? and Who is Maddy? It's got a lot to do with how well they can act, but it's got more to do with who they are and how well they inhabit the character.

Scott and I were chatting during lunch about how some of these kids would be awesome for some other roles in other films we have, but maybe not perfect for this one. That's the thing, just because you don't get the part, doesn't mean you're not a terrific actor. You may not be old enough. You may be too old. Too tall, too short, too slow or too fast. We saw one kid who was super natural and sweet and would be awesome in another role, but just not this one. And those are the actors that you tuck away in your memory for later on. Or for friends' projects that come along.

With all of that said, I can't decide. I think I have a Maddy, but I'm still pretty undecided about my Turtle. So I'll be doing call-backs next Saturday. I want to make sure I get it right.

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