Thursday, February 26, 2009

40 Days Without Television

Say what? And I'm not a HUGE TV watcher ... although I do get excited when something cancels and I get to go home and watch The Bachelor (please don't throw things at me. Jim and Rebecca like it too!). And I'm psyched when I get to catch 30 Rock. And the only show Mark and I are pretty faithful to is Saturday Night Live. Digital Shorts are the best thing ever. Ok and we just finished the first season of Gossip Girl. So I like TV, so what?

I thought it was curious when our friend Megan decided to give up TV for 40 Days. It'll be fun to follow her adventure.

Ben, does that mean no TV for you too?


Mark said...

Does that mean no DVD watching as well?

And, yeah Ben, what does this mean for our next FC night? (FC = fight club.)

Ben said...

Don't worry, FC will live on. Long live FC!

Movies are exempt. We are still doing NetFlix. And I have a SXSW badge this year.

I barely watch TV at all. I have no shows that I follow (except via NetFlix). We do not own a TiVo or a DVR. There is no time. I am a busy bee. Work. Shows. Video editing. Playing with PugPuggy. Making Megan laugh. These things take time.

I am super proud of Megan's endeavor. I am supporting her 100%. Her giving up TV would be like me trying to give up the internet. Holy crap.

Megan said...

I like watching TV soooo much! This is going to be difficult...

Luckily, like Ben said, movies are exempt although I don't plan to just replace my TV watching with movie watching. Nope. Instead I have to find c-r-e-a-t-i-v-e things to do... I forget what those are but they are slowly coming back to me now that all my free time isn't crammed with TV.

A good question came up on my blog: Am I going to be able to read re-caps online about the shows I watch? I've thought about this and have decided: No. I never did this before I stopped watching TV so I can't imagine I'll start now... Unless, of course, I get *super* desperate!