Thursday, January 29, 2009

Zombies Attack Austin


Anonymous said...

Happy Friday! You made my day and reminded me why I moved here. :D

Anonymous said...

I applaud whoever did that, although it is a crime and as a mom probably should not condone such a thing ( I still think it's hilarious and wished we had been in Austin to see it although I may have had to pull over from laughing so hard). My kids will be forewarned to never do such a thing (right after I have them put away my bolt cutters in the garage), and we will make sure they stay upstanding citizens ( with no tolerance for humor). I also promise to never tell them how when their grandmother was a teenager she and a few upstanding citizens put laundry detergent in an outdoor fountain at the mall which prompted many a overflowing bubble to which the fire department made worse by spraying more water into the fountain thinking it would dilute the soap but only caused the bubbles to start flowing down the main avenue in downtown Yakima Wa. to which they had to close to traffic. (if you happen to be from Yakima and working in the unsolved crimes unit forget what you read above, my children don't even have a grandmother, their mom is a pod person!) Everybody needs a little humor in life! Stacey