Friday, January 02, 2009

Untitled Affair Drama Draft #1 = Complete

I started this new script about a month ago. I wanted to do something about adultery and the what happens after someone makes a huge, stupid mistake. This might sound silly but after I had a dream about an affair, I took the crux of that dream and had to get it out of my system. The story's evolved a little bit. Yes, the affair is still there, but it's turned out to be more about the idea of falling in and out of love. The commitment of marriage and the highs and lows that go along with such a commitment. It's strange because this is probably a story and characters that are more about where I'm at in my life. What affects me most these days. It's not about first love at the age of sixteen (that I'm so used to writing about). But instead, it's about a more intelligent, mature kind of love. And more adult themes of having kids, career, getting older ...

The script still has a ways to go, but I think at it's core, it's there. A few days ago, Mark told me he felt uncertain about it, because it's not what he'd expect from me. But that's ok. What I'm having fun with is exploring other stories, other genres, more mature subject matters. And it's been an interesting examination of myself, if that makes any sense.

Don't worry, angel face, the next few stories I write are all family comedies. Getting back to a genre I love so dearly.


Anonymous said...

Kat, I am sure you don't need any help but if you needed research material the book "Not Just Friends" was written by a therapist(Shirley Glass) and deals with different types of affairs, and how to work through and prevent them. It really hits home too with different cases of affairs and what the thought processes are for the betrayed partner, the involved partner and the affair partner. It's a tough read, and unfortunately I am reading it now myself. I do think all married couples should be required to read it!! Stacey aka mom to Kieran the capri sun drinking four year old!

Kat Candler said...

Stacey, I'll definitely pick it up. I've done some online research and talked to some friends but am always open to more information. Thank you.