Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Rejection is a Funny Thing

I've been getting the many notes from students and friends about the rejection email they got from SXSW. And I tell them that what I have to remind myself. Rejection schmechtion.

Every programmer is different. Every festival is different. Everyone has an opinion or a specific taste. It's a very subjective world. Some of my favorite films have gotten rejected by SXSW. Some of my favorite films have gotten rejected by Sundance. It doesn't make them any less amazing. It just means that they didn't fit with someone's taste or the time slot or the theme of a program. And that's totally cool. And some of those films have gone on to be wildly successful.

What you do is you take that email and you delete it. You forget about it and you move on. You go plop down at your desk and you write something new. Or you pick up your camera and shoot something new.

You don't ever give up.


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spartickes said...

Once again Kat, pretty much just the kind of thing I needed today. Currently dealing with a producer who loves taking meetings, not so much in love with actually producing however it seems.

Even so, it's worth it.

ctxphotoman said...

Take the positive with you and leave the negative on the side of the road. said...

good advice =)