Monday, January 05, 2009

NJBB Editing Part 1

I spent some time last night with Chadwick looking at scenes and tightening edits for Ninja James and the Beast Boy. He had a fun 70s style Hawaii 5-0 kind of music underneath which gave it a lot of pizazz and a sense of tone. It's coming together pretty well. In chunks at least. There will be some MAJOR color correction. Oh boy. Damn you sun! But luckily we'll be doing some fun crazy FX over the images so that should alleviate part of the issues.

I've been given a hard drive to spend some time this week cutting together a scene. And then Chadwick and I revisit this weekend to put together a full rough cut of the film. Rough being a key word in this. But yeah, it was fun to see and feel how it was coming along last night.

I need to hammer out a new date for a new short film project. I was thinking February. Something easy. And by easy I mean, no car chases, no state owned locations, no fight scenes (physically, at least) and all natural light. I'm ready for something new. Already. Just some good actors, a good camera person and maybe a little bit of funny.

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