Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Nichols Deadline

One of the greatest things you can ever do for yourself is set a deadline. I think Jason Wehling might have coined the phrase The Nichols Deadline. It comes from a conversation about filmmaking and Jeff Nichols saying, you just set a date and start shooting on that date no matter what. I love it and generally stick to that rule, but now that rule has an official name.

With that said, I've set my date, March 28th. I think I mentioned before how the Arts and Labor folks are doing a short a month. The first one screens on Saturday as a part of my student screening at the Alamo. It's called The Curfew. And the amazing and wildly talented Zoticus Boys are behind that horror gem. The second one is The Alligator by Jeff Marrows and will be in post for a while as a result of some intense animation. But I've seen footage and it looks beautiful and hilarious.

So I leapt at March. I call March I screamed with excitement waving my hand as high as I could in the air. Me, me, me! And so I've been moving forward on this little short ever since. But you're not done with the last one, you say. I know, right? It won't be done for a while and I can't sit still. I'm too much of a wiggle worm.

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