Friday, January 30, 2009

Love Bug - The Beginning

It's Friday. I'm so happy it's Friday I can't scream it loud enough. After a week of back to back classes, commercial work squeezed in through every crack of time that presented itself and a mind numbing Thursday of writing a technical script for a project for about six hours straight ... sigh, breathe. If it were just classes and my students, no problem. My hearts all over that. But my heart ain't all over the other stuff.

Which brings me to today. Yay! I've written a new short, loosely pulled from the feature script me and Chris Mass wrote called, The Spider in the Bathtub. It's called Love Bug and it's about my favorite character, Turtle. He's cute as a button and sweet as hell. He loves little Maddie more than anything in the whole wide world and just can't figure out the right words to say it.

This is an Arts and Labor short film comprised of a strong Arts and Labor crew. Surrounding yourself with good, solid, talented people is number one. Besides being nice, of course. So we have our first meeting today for a late March shoot. My heart screams, Yay!!!

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