Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Dawson's Creek Season 2 = Done

Previously seen on Dawson's Creek, Season 2 ...
  • Dawson and Joey are still dating from Season 1.
  • Jen tries to win back Dawson through teen seduction.
  • Jen fails.
  • Pacey hates Andy, the new girl.
  • Andy, the new girl, hates Pacey.
  • Dawson and Joey break up so Joey can find herself.
  • Pacey and Andy hate each other so much they realize they love each other and start dating.
  • Dawson wins a film festival and thinks he can win back Joey.
  • He can't. She hasn't found herself yet.
  • Despite not having found herself yet, Joey starts dating Jack.
  • Rejected by Joey dating Jack even though she hasn't found herself yet, Dawson tries to get back together with Jen.
  • He fails. Jen just wants to be friends now.
  • Abbie is a meanie butt to everyone. Everyone hates her. And I mean HATES her.
  • Jack and Joey do not have sex (despite what people think).
  • Jen and Dawson "hook up", but do not have sex (despite the fact that Jen likes to sleep with lots of guys).
  • Andy and Pacey don't have sex.
  • Surprise! Andy and Pacey do have sex! Those sneaky kids.
  • Dawson tries to win back Joey by making a movie about his love for her.
  • It doesn't work. She's still dating Jack until ...
  • Jack realizes he's gay.
  • Jack breaks up with Joey because he's gay.
  • Dawson is relieved that Jack is gay so Jack can no longer date Joey.
  • Dawson and Joey get back together. Joey doesn't care about finding herself anymore.
  • Joey's father gets out of prison after serving time for dealing drugs.
  • Abby gets drunk, falls off a dock and dies. Everyone's happy. Yay!
  • Andy goes crazy and talks to her dead brother.
  • Pacey doesn't care that Andy talks to her dead brother and loves her anyway.
  • Andy's father ships her off to Providence to get better so she doesn't talk to her dead brother anymore.
  • Pacey's really sad Andy got shipped off to Providence, NOT that she talks to her dead brother.
  • Joey's dad starts dealing drugs again.
  • Dawson sees Joey's dad dealing drugs again.
  • Dawson tells Joey her dad's dealing drugs again.
  • Joey tapes her father's confession to selling drugs.
  • He goes back to prison.
  • Joey breaks up with Dawson because he saw her dad dealing drugs and convinced her to send him back to prison for it.
  • Dawson stands at the edge of the creek sad and forlorn.
  • The End.
And cue the Paula Cole song ... "Doo, doo, doo, doo ... doo, doo, doo, doo ..."

Will McPhee come back to Capside after a bout with seeing dead people? Will Grams and Jen be able to get past their religious differences in order to live under one roof with a gay boy? Will the Icehouse get enough insurance money to rebuild something new to support Joey and Bessie and that little random baby that we see Bessie holding sometimes? Will Dawson ever make a movie that doesn't involve reenacting his love affair with Joey Potter? Will Joey EVER EVER forgive Dawson for ruining her life over and over again in every single way imaginable?

We'll find out tomorrow when Kat and Mark rent Season 3 of Dawson's Creek. Guest starring .... Michael Pitt. Sigh.


David Lowery said...

OMG. The memories.

Kat Candler said...

God bless the Capeside kids.

Anonymous said...

Umm... actually, it's And"ie", not And"y". Gawd.


Kat Candler said...

What's sad, Mr. Osborn, is that you actually know that. Or did you look it up? Poor McPhee. Pacey misses her so much.

Cathy said...

Did you know that Dawsons creek Tv series generated a high amount of publicity before its debut.The show also endured phenomenal success in Australia where it rated number one in its timeslot for every episode covering seasons one to four. I will definitely buy the dvds collection