Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Bladerunner, It Will Probably Not Be

I'm about halfway through Draft #2 of what I will tentatively call An Inappropriate Education. Give me a week or two to get through the whole thing.

Dear Kat, why stop at one script? Why not take on a second one? A third one?

Bring it on, man. Bring ... it ... on!

I'm embarking on a journey. A journey where no Kat Candler has ever gone before ... writing a post apocalyptic sci-fi script. Say what? That's right friends, me and a friend will attempt our hands at a hard core genre film. It's a total secret. So in case I mentioned it to you (David Lowery and Mark Osborn), don't tell a soul what we're doing! Or else, I will find you and I will hunt you down. Mark, being easier because we live together.

And then there's the big budget comedy that I'll be writing solo with my kiddos in their UT Independent Study group that I'm the official mentor/professor on.

How to juggle three scripts at one time? Carefully. Very carefully.

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Lorie said...


Ken and I just watched the first show of the sci-fi series, "Serenity," on DVD tonight.

I love Joss Whedon.