Sunday, January 25, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

My friend Alison Coffey tagged me on Facebook. But since I don't understand how Facebook works besides saying "yes" when someone adds me as a friend, I figured I'd use this as a forum for my 25 Random Things about myself. So just a stream of consciousness ...

1. I'm 34 and I've only been drunk once. Debbie Smith got me wasted at the wrap party for my first feature film, cicadas. The next morning I threw up twice.
2. My sophomore year of college, I almost failed The Theory and Dynamics of Racism and Oppression. It was my semester of drugs and I never made it to class. I was a wake and bake girl until I realized drugs turned me into a slacker.
3. Off and on from college until 2002 (eight years) I was a chain smoker. I smoked Camel Lights. I haven't had a cigarette since December of 2002. But I crave them all the time.
4. I prefer a hotel room with cable television over a tent in the woods.
5. In my baby book I wrote that I wanted to be an "artist" when I grew up.
6. My cat Pork Chop is fourteen, missing an eye and a few teeth and he's wicked cool.
7. My favorite scene in a movie is from The Color of Paradise when a little blind boy finds a baby bird in the grass and climbs up a tree to put it back in its nest.
8. I got married in a pair of black converses.
9. I'm a pretty good dancer if I do say so myself.
10. I have a very foul mouth. I like to curse a lot. But not in front of my family members.
11. "Shit" was my first curse word. I said it out loud on the sidewalk coming home from fifth grade. I looked at the sky and waited for God to strike me down with a lightning bolt. He didn't.
12. Right now, I drink too many Diet Cokes.
13. My middle name is Susanne. With an "s" not a "z".
14. I do a mean Tennessee accent.
15. When I'm driving in my car, I pretend to have interviews about my movies and my career.
16. I'm a sucker for post apocalyptic films, teen slasher films, adult thrillers and kids films.
17. I'm really bored right now with Oscar worthy films.
18. One time I blacked out in church and thought God was trying to tell me something.
19. I can quote most of the lines from the movie Heathers. Maybe that's where my foul mouth comes from.

20. In high school my friends and I made up a game to this really cheesy Rutger Hauer movie called Blind Fury about a blind swordfighter. We would blindfold someone, give them a broomstick and make them chase us around the backyard.
21. I will make another feature film this summer. I don't care what/who stands in my way damnit!
22. I would LOVE to have my own kids show on Nickelodeon.
23. I have a recurring dream about putting a paperclip on a stack of papers and it keeps popping off. Over and over and over again. What's wrong with me?
24. I don't do roller coasters. It took me 21 years to work up the nerve to ride Space Mountain. I hated every second of it.
25. And speaking of Space Mountain. Disney World makes me really really really happy.

So then I'll tag the usual suspects, Ama, Karen, Ryan, Meredith and Leslie and whoever else wants to reveal ...


ryan said...

You still crave cigarettes? That surprises me for some reason. Or maybe I'm surprised that after smoking so heavily for almost 10 years, I DON'T ever crave cigarettes anymore. In fact, I never even think about them until someone brings them up or someone around me is smoking. I guess I'm really lucky that way. Cuz god knows I have plenty of other vices...

Kat Candler said...

I sure do. I had a dream recently that I slipped up and smoked one. And on the set of Ninja James I almost lit one up for my actor. It was weird.