Thursday, January 01, 2009

2008 - Far from Quiet

Even though it felt like 2008 was a quiet year, it was a far cry from quiet.

A brief summary of 2008 ...
  • I got a new niece, little Emma Candler. She's cute as a button and looks like a little elf.
  • jumping off bridges and cicadas aired on PBS in New York.
  • I polished The Spider in the Bathtub with the help of my friend and co-writer, Chris Mass. It goes out this month to producers. Woohoo!
  • Two good friends gave birth to beautiful baby boys. And I mean beautiful.
  • We continued to tour jumping off bridges at various conferences. I made my first trip to Dekalb, IL. There's lots of corn in Dekalb. No joke.
  • I spent a week in Los Angeles meeting with agents and managers and one of my oldest and dearest friends Garrett. And then I got back to Austin and signed with one of the agents. That's what I'm talking about.
  • I adapted one of my screenplays into a teen novel. And then did nothing with it. Damnit, Kat.
  • I ended a pretty kick ass run with Storie Productions. The Storie girls will forever rule. Tiny Tigers 4-Eva.
  • I started my own company Candler Productions. I'm like official and everything.
  • I wrote a teen thriller script that I'll take out next month. Bought my plane ticket this morning. Hellz yeah!
  • Taught all kinds of Teen Film Camps, Girl Film Camps and Teacher Film Camps.
  • Finished post production on my short film, Quarter to Noon. It's heading to festivals in 2009. It's probably one of my favorite things I've done.
  • I started a Lecturer position at UT in the RTF Department. I can't say enough about how much I love that job. I'll be teaching again this semester ... at a major university. It's kinda crazy.
  • Good friends moved too far away. Ryan and Stacy, you're missed big time.
  • Attended my first Fantastic Fest with Mark. Little did I know the first film festivals I'd go with my husband to would involve so much blood, guts and gore.
  • Watched a ton of friends debut their films at festivals, on TV, on DVD and in theaters. And then get nominated for Independent Spirit Awards and Oscars and shit.
  • Watched a ton of friends act in movies in theaters, on TV shows and on DVD. And even get a second nomination for an Emmy.
  • I co-wrote and directed an action/adventure short film, Ninja James and the Beast Boy. The biggest lesson learned on this one ... making action films is hard.
  • I got my first credit as a Sound Mixer on the short film The Alligator.
  • Lived out my dream as a freelance filmmaker and teacher.
  • Spent a ton of time with family in Houston, South Padre, Jacksonville ...
  • Missed my friends in New York, St. Augustine, Boston and Los Angeles way too much.
  • Watched my husband come into his own as an amazing writer. The boy's a major talent.

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