Saturday, January 31, 2009

Redecorating Weekend

While Mark's away, the redecorating is underway. This post is mostly for my mom and mother in law. My good friend Fernando and I have been working all day long redecorating my little apartment. When we first moved in last July we started to decorate, got busy and then stopped. It's been in limbo ever since. And I'm not very good with decorating so even if I had finished, it wouldn't have looked all that great anyways. So here are some before and middle pictures. We'll be finishing up tomorrow. I'm in love with my new dining room and how it's shaping up.

Dining Room - Before

Dining Room - Half Way There

Friday, January 30, 2009

Ah College Days

Back when we were cool and carefree. When rent was $200 a month and gas was under a buck. When I had no clue what I was going to do with my life and all I cared about what was hanging out with my friends and being dumb.

TV Junkie (2006) at Salvage Vanguard

Salvage UnReeled screens TV JUNKIE...

TV JUNKIE (2006)
Directed by Michael Cain (not to be confused with famous British actor
Michael Caine) and Matt Radecki
75 minutes

TV JUNKIE was nominated for the Grand Jury Prize and won the Special Jury
Prize at the 2006 Sundance Film Festival.

Date: Wednesday, February 18, 2009
Time: 8:00pm - 9:30pm
Location: Salvage Vanguard Theater
Street: 2803 E Manor Rd

Salvage UnReeled mission- To bring undiscovered or overlooked modern films
to a larger, adventurous audience and to bring adventurous or overlooked
older films to a modern audience. Curated by Lowell Bartholomee.

Love Bug - The Beginning

It's Friday. I'm so happy it's Friday I can't scream it loud enough. After a week of back to back classes, commercial work squeezed in through every crack of time that presented itself and a mind numbing Thursday of writing a technical script for a project for about six hours straight ... sigh, breathe. If it were just classes and my students, no problem. My hearts all over that. But my heart ain't all over the other stuff.

Which brings me to today. Yay! I've written a new short, loosely pulled from the feature script me and Chris Mass wrote called, The Spider in the Bathtub. It's called Love Bug and it's about my favorite character, Turtle. He's cute as a button and sweet as hell. He loves little Maddie more than anything in the whole wide world and just can't figure out the right words to say it.

This is an Arts and Labor short film comprised of a strong Arts and Labor crew. Surrounding yourself with good, solid, talented people is number one. Besides being nice, of course. So we have our first meeting today for a late March shoot. My heart screams, Yay!!!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Zombies Attack Austin

Lakeview Terrace (2008)

It has its flaws, sure. I'm really not that crazy about the ending. And I think it might've been stronger had it been more from the perspective of this young couple. And had it been a straight drama and not quite the thriller it was trying to be. But it has some really strong writing. The moments and conversations between this young couple struggling with their first house, their parents, their relationship, starting a family and now their neighbor are really nice. I'm sure the casting of Patrick Wilson and Kerry Washington, two super strong actors, doesn't hurt. I've always been a huge fan of Kerry Washington. Ever since Our Song. She's just natural and flawless. It's worth a rental to at least just watch the break down of these three really well drawn characters.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Rejection is a Funny Thing

I've been getting the many notes from students and friends about the rejection email they got from SXSW. And I tell them that what I have to remind myself. Rejection schmechtion.

Every programmer is different. Every festival is different. Everyone has an opinion or a specific taste. It's a very subjective world. Some of my favorite films have gotten rejected by SXSW. Some of my favorite films have gotten rejected by Sundance. It doesn't make them any less amazing. It just means that they didn't fit with someone's taste or the time slot or the theme of a program. And that's totally cool. And some of those films have gone on to be wildly successful.

What you do is you take that email and you delete it. You forget about it and you move on. You go plop down at your desk and you write something new. Or you pick up your camera and shoot something new.

You don't ever give up.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Roberta Wells on IFC

Roberta Wells made its online debut on

Monday, January 26, 2009

SXSW = Denied

Quarter to Noon did not get into SXSW. So it looks like I'll be taking a mini vacation that week. No school, no festival = Kat's vacation.

Do I feel the sting? Yes, I do.

Lady Hawke (1985)

This movie has come up in conversation about five times in the last few days. And nobody I know has seen it. People, hello, great film! Or at least it was twenty three years ago when me and my mom would rent it from Blockbuster every weekend. Oh, such the hopeless romantics.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

My friend Alison Coffey tagged me on Facebook. But since I don't understand how Facebook works besides saying "yes" when someone adds me as a friend, I figured I'd use this as a forum for my 25 Random Things about myself. So just a stream of consciousness ...

1. I'm 34 and I've only been drunk once. Debbie Smith got me wasted at the wrap party for my first feature film, cicadas. The next morning I threw up twice.
2. My sophomore year of college, I almost failed The Theory and Dynamics of Racism and Oppression. It was my semester of drugs and I never made it to class. I was a wake and bake girl until I realized drugs turned me into a slacker.
3. Off and on from college until 2002 (eight years) I was a chain smoker. I smoked Camel Lights. I haven't had a cigarette since December of 2002. But I crave them all the time.
4. I prefer a hotel room with cable television over a tent in the woods.
5. In my baby book I wrote that I wanted to be an "artist" when I grew up.
6. My cat Pork Chop is fourteen, missing an eye and a few teeth and he's wicked cool.
7. My favorite scene in a movie is from The Color of Paradise when a little blind boy finds a baby bird in the grass and climbs up a tree to put it back in its nest.
8. I got married in a pair of black converses.
9. I'm a pretty good dancer if I do say so myself.
10. I have a very foul mouth. I like to curse a lot. But not in front of my family members.
11. "Shit" was my first curse word. I said it out loud on the sidewalk coming home from fifth grade. I looked at the sky and waited for God to strike me down with a lightning bolt. He didn't.
12. Right now, I drink too many Diet Cokes.
13. My middle name is Susanne. With an "s" not a "z".
14. I do a mean Tennessee accent.
15. When I'm driving in my car, I pretend to have interviews about my movies and my career.
16. I'm a sucker for post apocalyptic films, teen slasher films, adult thrillers and kids films.
17. I'm really bored right now with Oscar worthy films.
18. One time I blacked out in church and thought God was trying to tell me something.
19. I can quote most of the lines from the movie Heathers. Maybe that's where my foul mouth comes from.

20. In high school my friends and I made up a game to this really cheesy Rutger Hauer movie called Blind Fury about a blind swordfighter. We would blindfold someone, give them a broomstick and make them chase us around the backyard.
21. I will make another feature film this summer. I don't care what/who stands in my way damnit!
22. I would LOVE to have my own kids show on Nickelodeon.
23. I have a recurring dream about putting a paperclip on a stack of papers and it keeps popping off. Over and over and over again. What's wrong with me?
24. I don't do roller coasters. It took me 21 years to work up the nerve to ride Space Mountain. I hated every second of it.
25. And speaking of Space Mountain. Disney World makes me really really really happy.

So then I'll tag the usual suspects, Ama, Karen, Ryan, Meredith and Leslie and whoever else wants to reveal ...

Friday, January 23, 2009

Dead Man's Bones - The Next She and Him?

An Oscar-nominated Hollywood heartthrob and his best friend round up a bunch of instruments-- some of which they don't know how to play-- and a massive children's choir and make a concept album about the supernatural. Seems like a recipe for disaster, right? Guess again ... Read the Pitchfork article.

Watch the video.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Oscar Nominations

Pleasant surprises ...

Melissa Leo
Frozen River
Michael Shannon
Viola Davis
Robert Downey Jr
Encounters at the End of the World
Happy Go Lucky

Disappointments cause they're missing ...

Mike Leigh
Sally Hawkins
The Fall

All I know is that Slumdog Millionaire is gonna kick Benjamin Button's ass.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Saddle Up NYC - UT Student Showcase

An Apparent Celebration

What happens when my rock star students in Advanced Narrative Digital Production kick ass? They wind up in NYC screening their films at the Anthology Film Archives.

For all of my beloved NYC friends, peers, colleagues ... please, please, please go support these extremely talented students and see some amazing work. I promise you won't be disappointed. I just wish I could be there to watch it all unfold.

There are twelve short films from the grad and undergrad program. And I couldn't be more proud that two of them are from my class.

SADDLE UP NYC - UT Student Showcase
Wednesday, February 18th, 6pm
Anthology Film Archives

An Apparent Celebration (Erik Johnson and Adam Morgan)
Color By Number
(Marshall Rimmer)

Chlorophyll ... More Like Borophyll

Back to school. Oh, back to school.

My Advanced Narrative Digital Production class at UT starts today. So in honor of school, a few laughs from one of my favorite films of all time.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Alexander the Last to debut on IFC

Joe Swanberg's press release about his latest film Alexander the Last to be released through IFC simultaneously with its SXSW premiere in March. And a cute pic of Mr. Lowery as well. Joe, when do you have time to breathe? Seriously.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Student Screening Success

It was a pretty awesome Saturday. With a packed house at the Alamo and a solid line up of student short films, the screening was a total success. I saw some business cards being passed, conversations with the directors about future plans and lots of frienships being made between all of the student filmmakers. I loved it. And of course hanging out with everyone post screening. It was another proud moment for a teacher.

Classes start up at UT this week and my script to screen classes next week. Strangely enough, I'm ready for school to be in session.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

My Rant to Certain "Parents"

To the Parents who Bring their 5-Year Olds Kids to see Teen Slasher Flicks like My Bloody Valentine,

I'm appalled. Livid, really. You should be absolutely ashamed of yourself. In fact, I question whether you should be a parent. It's so upsetting and heartbreaking. You think that it's ok to bring your child to sit in a dark theater and watch blood and guts being sprayed all over the screen? You can honestly sleep at night knowing that you've probably just given your little girl nightmares for the next few weeks, months. It would be like if I took my little niece to go see Hostel II. My 5-year old niece who can't even watch Snow White without crying. What the hell? You can sit next to your little girl all dressed in pink and watch bodies being chopped up and guts falling out. Really? Really? I'm horrified and so saddened that people like you exist. I'm so pissed and mad right now I can't stand it. When the lights come up in the theater after just witnessing so much gore, violence and bloodshed and you look around and see parents who have brought their little kids because they probably didn't feel like getting a babysitter or again are just too stupid to understand the concept of parenting.

I know there are some stupid people in this world, but that's beyond stupid. It's downright inhuman.

Where the Wild Things Are ... Skateboards?

"The skateboard company that Jonze co-founded, Girl Skateboards Company, will be releasing a limited series of skateboards featuring the monsters from the film adaptation. "

Michael Emerson - New York Magazine Interview

Mr. Emerson has a short interview in New York Magazine.

Friday, January 16, 2009

An Inappropriate Education - Draft #3

My goal was to finish draft two of this new script by yesterday. I'm a day late. Time to print it out again and pour through the paper version of draft number two in preparation for draft number three. Still some changes to makes, layers to thread and accents to sprinkle. But it's coming along.

I'd like to do a read through in the very near future. See how it plays out.

Off to a fun meeting about a possible new micro cinema in Austin ...

Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Nichols Deadline

One of the greatest things you can ever do for yourself is set a deadline. I think Jason Wehling might have coined the phrase The Nichols Deadline. It comes from a conversation about filmmaking and Jeff Nichols saying, you just set a date and start shooting on that date no matter what. I love it and generally stick to that rule, but now that rule has an official name.

With that said, I've set my date, March 28th. I think I mentioned before how the Arts and Labor folks are doing a short a month. The first one screens on Saturday as a part of my student screening at the Alamo. It's called The Curfew. And the amazing and wildly talented Zoticus Boys are behind that horror gem. The second one is The Alligator by Jeff Marrows and will be in post for a while as a result of some intense animation. But I've seen footage and it looks beautiful and hilarious.

So I leapt at March. I call March I screamed with excitement waving my hand as high as I could in the air. Me, me, me! And so I've been moving forward on this little short ever since. But you're not done with the last one, you say. I know, right? It won't be done for a while and I can't sit still. I'm too much of a wiggle worm.

Fiddlestixx - The Zellner Brothers

Those Zany Zellner Brothers are at it again. Watch all three episodes of Fiddlestixx! You may not get it, you may tilt your head a little and say What? but you'll laugh your butt off anyway. If you haven't been introduced already, welcome to the wonderful world of the Zellners.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Coraline (2009)

I'm head over heels excited about seeing Coraline. I read the book long ago and fell in love. Creepy, fun, full of adventure. I caught the trailer and now the alphabet posters are out. Oh boy!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Movie Round Up

Murmur of the Heart
- Ah, to be French, fifteen and in love with your mother. It's a great film that makes you feel really weird by the end of it. What the hell just happened???

Detroit Rock City
- How did I miss this growing up? And how did I miss Giuseppe Andrews? Adam Rifkin has had a strange career, but I think this is the highlight of it. I embrace it wholeheartedly. Like the lady at the I Luv Video store said, you'll have a fun time watching this. Yep.

Murder a la Mod
- Brian De Palma's first film. It's completely and utterly ridiculous, but completely and utterly well crafted and intelligent. It's got the De Palma stamp all over a forehead slapping story. But it shows the early, uneven signs of greatness. Even if the guy snoring in the back row didn't think so.

The World According to Garp
- What a strange, quirky film. I had no idea. I was expecting hard hitting drama and was wonderfully surprised with an almost Hal Ashby feel to it. I've never read a John Irving novel, but I do have an affection for his stories.

The Wackness
- Josh Peck, please keep doing what you're doing. I would love to work with you someday. I've never seen Drake and Josh, but after I saw Mean Creek years ago and now after seeing this, you have amazing things to come. young man You pick your projects carefully in the future and you'll have a career that rivals Ben Foster, Jeremy Davies, Michael Pitt, Michael Shannon.

- I loved this film. Matt Dillon is a total knock out. And sexy as hell as the badass Doyle Kennedy. Even though it edges on being a movie of the week, I don't care, I loved it all the same.

End of Semester Screening, 1/17, 10am, Alamo South

If you've got nothing else going on this Saturday morning at 10am ...

Director: Deneice O'Connor

Director: Yvonne Alvarado

(Short Films from Script to Screen, Advanced Script to Screen and a few from the UT Advanced Narrative Digital Production Class)
Saturday, January 17th
10am - 12pm
Alamo South (South Lamar)
1120 South Lamar Blvd.
Free to the Public
No Food or Drink Served

The Curfew (Nick Walker)
Adaline (Deneice O'Connor)
Sonny's Gambit (Chad Nichols)
Nirvana Gun (David Toth)
Self Determination (Ben Bartley)
An Apparent Celebration (Adam Morgan / Erik Johnson)
Heartbox (Geoff Yano)
Paranoia (Yeo-Jeong Shin)
Duplex (Yvonne Alvarado)
Color By Number (Marshall Rimmer)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

NJBB Editing Part II

So tonight Mr. Chennault and I watched the whole rough cut of Ninja James and the Beast Boy. It's rough. Very rough. There are moments, I smile from ear to ear and think ... damn, that's pretty cool. And then there are moments I cringe from ear to ear and think oh boy, that needs lots of work. But again, it's a rough cut. Hence the word "rough". It ain't ready for the eyes of judgement anytime soon. Let us work some magic first.

Glen Powell Jr on CSI Miami

Monday night at 9am Central, catch Mr. Powell on CSI Miami.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

OH NO!!!!!!!

I had to steal this from Ama.
Oh, angelface.

Friday, January 09, 2009

When the Writing Becomes Sad

I have a fascination with youth. From the movies I make, the movies I write, the movies I see ... Whether it's an animated feature for ten year olds or a depressing tale of adolescent misfortune, I love stories about youth. So as I'm writing this "adult" script with "adult themes", it's taken a turn. Writing always does that for me. I start with something, and it tells me what it'd rather be. So I have to follow it wherever it leads.

This story is more about the idea of youth. About getting older and looking back. And with that said, it's inevitably become more personal. Where I'm at in my life, as I pluck a few gray hairs from my head and watch the lines in my face become more defined. As I experience the institution of marriage and all of the joys and pains that go along with it. I was telling Mark this morning that working on this script's making me a bit sad. Not in a bad way, but in a where am I at, where was I then and where do I want to go kind of way. I don't know. It's just life or whatever.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Bladerunner, It Will Probably Not Be

I'm about halfway through Draft #2 of what I will tentatively call An Inappropriate Education. Give me a week or two to get through the whole thing.

Dear Kat, why stop at one script? Why not take on a second one? A third one?

Bring it on, man. Bring ... it ... on!

I'm embarking on a journey. A journey where no Kat Candler has ever gone before ... writing a post apocalyptic sci-fi script. Say what? That's right friends, me and a friend will attempt our hands at a hard core genre film. It's a total secret. So in case I mentioned it to you (David Lowery and Mark Osborn), don't tell a soul what we're doing! Or else, I will find you and I will hunt you down. Mark, being easier because we live together.

And then there's the big budget comedy that I'll be writing solo with my kiddos in their UT Independent Study group that I'm the official mentor/professor on.

How to juggle three scripts at one time? Carefully. Very carefully.

Dawson's Creek Season 2 = Done

Previously seen on Dawson's Creek, Season 2 ...
  • Dawson and Joey are still dating from Season 1.
  • Jen tries to win back Dawson through teen seduction.
  • Jen fails.
  • Pacey hates Andy, the new girl.
  • Andy, the new girl, hates Pacey.
  • Dawson and Joey break up so Joey can find herself.
  • Pacey and Andy hate each other so much they realize they love each other and start dating.
  • Dawson wins a film festival and thinks he can win back Joey.
  • He can't. She hasn't found herself yet.
  • Despite not having found herself yet, Joey starts dating Jack.
  • Rejected by Joey dating Jack even though she hasn't found herself yet, Dawson tries to get back together with Jen.
  • He fails. Jen just wants to be friends now.
  • Abbie is a meanie butt to everyone. Everyone hates her. And I mean HATES her.
  • Jack and Joey do not have sex (despite what people think).
  • Jen and Dawson "hook up", but do not have sex (despite the fact that Jen likes to sleep with lots of guys).
  • Andy and Pacey don't have sex.
  • Surprise! Andy and Pacey do have sex! Those sneaky kids.
  • Dawson tries to win back Joey by making a movie about his love for her.
  • It doesn't work. She's still dating Jack until ...
  • Jack realizes he's gay.
  • Jack breaks up with Joey because he's gay.
  • Dawson is relieved that Jack is gay so Jack can no longer date Joey.
  • Dawson and Joey get back together. Joey doesn't care about finding herself anymore.
  • Joey's father gets out of prison after serving time for dealing drugs.
  • Abby gets drunk, falls off a dock and dies. Everyone's happy. Yay!
  • Andy goes crazy and talks to her dead brother.
  • Pacey doesn't care that Andy talks to her dead brother and loves her anyway.
  • Andy's father ships her off to Providence to get better so she doesn't talk to her dead brother anymore.
  • Pacey's really sad Andy got shipped off to Providence, NOT that she talks to her dead brother.
  • Joey's dad starts dealing drugs again.
  • Dawson sees Joey's dad dealing drugs again.
  • Dawson tells Joey her dad's dealing drugs again.
  • Joey tapes her father's confession to selling drugs.
  • He goes back to prison.
  • Joey breaks up with Dawson because he saw her dad dealing drugs and convinced her to send him back to prison for it.
  • Dawson stands at the edge of the creek sad and forlorn.
  • The End.
And cue the Paula Cole song ... "Doo, doo, doo, doo ... doo, doo, doo, doo ..."

Will McPhee come back to Capside after a bout with seeing dead people? Will Grams and Jen be able to get past their religious differences in order to live under one roof with a gay boy? Will the Icehouse get enough insurance money to rebuild something new to support Joey and Bessie and that little random baby that we see Bessie holding sometimes? Will Dawson ever make a movie that doesn't involve reenacting his love affair with Joey Potter? Will Joey EVER EVER forgive Dawson for ruining her life over and over again in every single way imaginable?

We'll find out tomorrow when Kat and Mark rent Season 3 of Dawson's Creek. Guest starring .... Michael Pitt. Sigh.

Darlin' Don't You Go and Cut Your Hair

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Ode to the Second Draft

Why can't I look like this when I write?

The hardest part of screenwriting (for me, at least) is the dreaded first draft. Oh the agony, the misery, the nail biting, hair pulling, stomach aching, procrastinating, wall staring, house cleaning, internet surfing, long walks, blog reading ... to get that initial hundred or so pages. But once you've puked it up onto the page ... whew. Sigh. Wipe the brow of your dripping sweat. The tummy starts to settle again. Deep breath. Exhale. Relax. Maybe take a nap.

I'm a big fan of the second draft. For me, this is how it goes. The beloved second draft consists of printing out the full first draft on recycled paper and sitting at Zen (a restaurant) with my blue pen in my right hand, ready. I read through every word, every sentence with a fine tooth comb. I scribble lengthy notes, ideas and new dialogue into the margins. Sometimes they get so full, I have to use the back of the page. Once I've gone through the whole thing on paper, I can crack open my sweet, little, white iBook and apply all of the notes from the very beginning to the very end.

Second drafts mean layering, growing characters, emphasizing themes, adding better dialogue, fleshing out scene descriptions ... This is the part I totally dig. I have a folder of many scripts that have never seen the light of the second draft ... my Bug Club script, the River Phoenix crush script, the vampire script and the list goes on and on.

I'm enjoying the second draft of this new script, whatever it's called. Ah hell, we'll call it ... the Untitled Kat Candler Project. That just sounds cool.

Monday, January 05, 2009

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - Yeah

I just picked up this CD again yesterday. Kurt burned me a copy long, long, long ago and said You're gonna love this. I promise.

I do. So much.

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah just make me smile and want to jump around .

NJBB Editing Part 1

I spent some time last night with Chadwick looking at scenes and tightening edits for Ninja James and the Beast Boy. He had a fun 70s style Hawaii 5-0 kind of music underneath which gave it a lot of pizazz and a sense of tone. It's coming together pretty well. In chunks at least. There will be some MAJOR color correction. Oh boy. Damn you sun! But luckily we'll be doing some fun crazy FX over the images so that should alleviate part of the issues.

I've been given a hard drive to spend some time this week cutting together a scene. And then Chadwick and I revisit this weekend to put together a full rough cut of the film. Rough being a key word in this. But yeah, it was fun to see and feel how it was coming along last night.

I need to hammer out a new date for a new short film project. I was thinking February. Something easy. And by easy I mean, no car chases, no state owned locations, no fight scenes (physically, at least) and all natural light. I'm ready for something new. Already. Just some good actors, a good camera person and maybe a little bit of funny.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

New Year Movie Marathon

Oh man, I can't pull myself away from our beautiful HD TV. And I can't stop making the trips to Hollywood and Vulcan Video. When I return something, I feel it necessary to rent something else. I have a problem.

Wonder Boys
I remember liking this the first time I saw it. I still do.

Holy gamoly. They don't make movies like this anymore. I love you, Sidney Lumet.

The Ruins
For a horror film that involves talent like Jena Malone and Darius Khondji ... it leaves you a little out of breath.

American Teen
Teen pop documentary. It won't win an Oscar, but it was a fun two hours of nostalgia and angst.

I'm a big fan of James Marsden. But mostly in comedies. It's an interesting premise that got way too convoluted, tangled and silly.

The short film that the director of The Ruins did which led him to a big time agent and a movie deal with Ben Stiller's production company. I can see why.

Bad Influence
A young James Spader and Rob Lowe in a mystery thriller directed by Curtis Hansen ... hmmm ... not so good.

Dawson's Creek (Season 2, Episodes 3-11)
Oh yeah, and I'm about half way through season 2 of Dawson's Creek. I can't help it. I got sucked in. Please don't think less of me. Pacey's so damn cute and sweet and in love with Andy.


Next on my list: The World According to Garp, Ghost Town, Billy the Kid, Murmur of the Heart and the second half of Dawson's Creek Season 2

All of this equals one thing ... research. Good or bad, all movies make me want to write and direct more movies.

Friday, January 02, 2009

Untitled Affair Drama Draft #1 = Complete

I started this new script about a month ago. I wanted to do something about adultery and the what happens after someone makes a huge, stupid mistake. This might sound silly but after I had a dream about an affair, I took the crux of that dream and had to get it out of my system. The story's evolved a little bit. Yes, the affair is still there, but it's turned out to be more about the idea of falling in and out of love. The commitment of marriage and the highs and lows that go along with such a commitment. It's strange because this is probably a story and characters that are more about where I'm at in my life. What affects me most these days. It's not about first love at the age of sixteen (that I'm so used to writing about). But instead, it's about a more intelligent, mature kind of love. And more adult themes of having kids, career, getting older ...

The script still has a ways to go, but I think at it's core, it's there. A few days ago, Mark told me he felt uncertain about it, because it's not what he'd expect from me. But that's ok. What I'm having fun with is exploring other stories, other genres, more mature subject matters. And it's been an interesting examination of myself, if that makes any sense.

Don't worry, angel face, the next few stories I write are all family comedies. Getting back to a genre I love so dearly.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Favorite Movies of 2008 (Addendum)

Two movies I forgot to put on my Favorites of 2008.

The Substitute
Harks back to kids horror comedies of the 80s. Think Explorers or Monster Squad ... but it's Dutch. And don't be deceived by the DVD box cover. It's totally wrong.

Role Models
I'm a new believer in the David Wain. Role Models is crude, rude and has a heart of gold.

How To Start Out 2009?

Blaring Bruce Springsteen's Born in the USA with the windows rolled down.

Mark said, This should be our new New Year's Day tradition.

I said, Ok.

2008 - Far from Quiet

Even though it felt like 2008 was a quiet year, it was a far cry from quiet.

A brief summary of 2008 ...
  • I got a new niece, little Emma Candler. She's cute as a button and looks like a little elf.
  • jumping off bridges and cicadas aired on PBS in New York.
  • I polished The Spider in the Bathtub with the help of my friend and co-writer, Chris Mass. It goes out this month to producers. Woohoo!
  • Two good friends gave birth to beautiful baby boys. And I mean beautiful.
  • We continued to tour jumping off bridges at various conferences. I made my first trip to Dekalb, IL. There's lots of corn in Dekalb. No joke.
  • I spent a week in Los Angeles meeting with agents and managers and one of my oldest and dearest friends Garrett. And then I got back to Austin and signed with one of the agents. That's what I'm talking about.
  • I adapted one of my screenplays into a teen novel. And then did nothing with it. Damnit, Kat.
  • I ended a pretty kick ass run with Storie Productions. The Storie girls will forever rule. Tiny Tigers 4-Eva.
  • I started my own company Candler Productions. I'm like official and everything.
  • I wrote a teen thriller script that I'll take out next month. Bought my plane ticket this morning. Hellz yeah!
  • Taught all kinds of Teen Film Camps, Girl Film Camps and Teacher Film Camps.
  • Finished post production on my short film, Quarter to Noon. It's heading to festivals in 2009. It's probably one of my favorite things I've done.
  • I started a Lecturer position at UT in the RTF Department. I can't say enough about how much I love that job. I'll be teaching again this semester ... at a major university. It's kinda crazy.
  • Good friends moved too far away. Ryan and Stacy, you're missed big time.
  • Attended my first Fantastic Fest with Mark. Little did I know the first film festivals I'd go with my husband to would involve so much blood, guts and gore.
  • Watched a ton of friends debut their films at festivals, on TV, on DVD and in theaters. And then get nominated for Independent Spirit Awards and Oscars and shit.
  • Watched a ton of friends act in movies in theaters, on TV shows and on DVD. And even get a second nomination for an Emmy.
  • I co-wrote and directed an action/adventure short film, Ninja James and the Beast Boy. The biggest lesson learned on this one ... making action films is hard.
  • I got my first credit as a Sound Mixer on the short film The Alligator.
  • Lived out my dream as a freelance filmmaker and teacher.
  • Spent a ton of time with family in Houston, South Padre, Jacksonville ...
  • Missed my friends in New York, St. Augustine, Boston and Los Angeles way too much.
  • Watched my husband come into his own as an amazing writer. The boy's a major talent.