Thursday, December 25, 2008

Ten Things I Love About This Christmas

  1. Putting out oats and hay out in the front yard for the reindeers to snack on while Santa's leaving presents in the house.
  2. Deanna's buffet of cookies: Sugar, Tom Thumbs, Carmelitas, Mini Pecan Pies ....
  3. Spending lots of time with my BFF Bella
  4. Watching A Christmas Story and laughing non-stop through the whole thing even though I've seen it a million times. It holds up every year.
  5. Play Doh, toy trains, EZ Bake Ovens and Barbie.
  6. Waiting for Christmas dinner and all the delicious smells that go along with it.
  7. Watching Mark open his new DePalma Rock N Roll T-Shirt that I was so proud to get him.
  8. Discovering that I like the Wii. And I don't entirely suck at video games.
  9. Family. Even if they're three or four states away.
  10. Hanging out in my PJs all day long.

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