Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Eyes Wide Shut - The Script

On our way to Houston, I read the script for Eyes Wide Shut. It's actually a pretty quick read. Not terribly well written in terms of spelling, grammar and description. And tame. So tame compared to what I remember the film to be. I saw the film when it hit theaters years ago and felt "eh" about it. Some great performances, haunting score, beautifully shot, but felt lifeless to me. The script is interesting in comparison to the film. What would happen if you acted on your secret fantasies and desires? Literally flirting with death. The mess that you would leave behind. I don't know. Again, it just sort of left me feeling empty. If what we dream about stays in our head, we're safe. But when you disclose those fantasies, they're like giving your partner an itch they have to scratch. They infest your partners thoughts and trust, even.

I'd like to revisit the film, just to see how it all translated.

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David Lowery said...

You should read the novella that it's based on, too. Really fascinating to see how closely it hews - and the few areas where Kubrick felt the need to diverge.

All this being said, its my favorite Kubrick film.