Sunday, December 14, 2008

End of Semester - UT RTF

We had our end of semester UT RTF screening at the Alamo South today. Oh man, I couldn't have been more pleased. These kids worked their little butts off and their hearts were all over that screen. A very big, beautifully projected screen. I was proud. So very proud.

What I've learned this semester at UT:

1) Don't underestimate what they don't know. Is that right? Because they think they know a lot, and that makes you think they know a lot, but really they don't know as much as they think they know. In fact far from it sometimes.
2) Be honest with them. Honest feedback helps. Sugar coated feedback doesn't.
3) Encourage them. Give them a chance. And if they fall, it's ok. Make sure they get back up, brush off their pants and keep going.
4) Make them reshoot. Sometimes it's not an option.
5) Stick to deadlines. Don't let their excuses sway you.
6) Know when to give them room and when to rein them in.
7) You can't hold their hands. They have to take responsibility.
8) They will surprise and delight you.
9) The quiet ones are sometimes the forces to be reckoned with.
10) The humble kids are usually the rock stars.

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