Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Dawson's Creek Revisited

I was never a follower of Dawson's Creek. Kevin Williamson's TV hit show post Scream and I Know What You Did Last Summer. I caught it once or twice but never got hooked. Mark was sweet enough to get me a box set for my birthday this year, thinking probably that I (being a self proclaimed lover of teen films) must have been a big fan. Well, here are a few of the reasons I was not.
  • I never liked a guy like Dawson in high school. Bad hair, cheesy socks and pants. No really, he wears really bad socks in the show. I was a Jordan Catalano kind of girl. Skaters, punk kids with attitudes ... those are the boys that set my heart on fire.
  • The adults in Dawson's Creek are painfully awful. Mark and I were wondering if the kid actors were aware of how much they out acted the adults. Both their storylines and their performances are pretty cringe worthy.
  • It's extremely dated.
  • It doesn't even hold a candle to My So Called Life. That's a show that holds up ten years, fifteen years later. Just one little season outshines however many seasons of any other teen television show. Why? It has heart. And lots of it. And it's real. Through and through.
But here's the thing. I did love a few things about Dawson's Creek. That show gave us Katie Holmes, Michelle Williams, Michael Pitt and Joshua Jackson. Whoever did the casting for that show, nailed these kids. And thank god.

What's been fun is cozying up to my boy watching back to back episodes and giggling like mad at the cheesy dialogue and funny socks.

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