Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Arts and Labor - Group Hug

A little over a year ago I moved into an office at Arts and Labor Productions. Jason Wehling (August Evening) lured us into a collective of filmmakers who would office with and work with Arts and Labor (run by Alan Berg) on various projects (Dell, On Networks, industrials, documentaries). It started out as a super cool idea. A collective of film makers and film lovers with different skill sets (videography, writing, directing, graphics, sound design, editing ...) We would office next to each other in order to share ideas, contacts, pep talks. Over the course of a year it turned into an amazing circle of friends and a strong group of collaborators. Last night was our holiday party. Looking around at the faces ... some I see every day, some once a week and some every few months, but all of whom are the sweetest, kindest, hardest working, most talented group of folks you'll meet. I think I got super duper lucky falling into this little community. I heart Arts and Labor.

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