Saturday, November 01, 2008

Trick or Treat

When I was a kid, Halloween was the biggest holiday of the year.

Me and my brother would get all dolled up in our Wonder Woman and Batman costumes and join the traffic of little kids pouring through the streets. It was a mob scene of masked goblins and tiny witches. My brother would be the brave one to ring the doorbell and hold my hand when the porch decorations went a little scary overboard. And instead of stupid plastic pumpkin buckets, we carried pillowcases. When it came to free candy, we meant business. We would trick or treat until blisters covered our feet. At home, we'd dump out snickers, twizzlers, smarties, bubble gum, pixie sticks, m&ms ... into a huge mound on the dining room table. Commence the trading. The Halloween candy seemed to last a lifetime after that. Days, weeks ... until we'd go to the dentist and discover ... cavities.

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