Monday, November 10, 2008

To Direct an Action Film or Not to Direct an Action Film

That is the question. The first weekend of Ninja James and the Beast Boy is in the "can".

Day 1
It proved to be a pretty tough first day. I didn't tell a soul, but I was close to tears within the first two hours. But I gathered myself, sucked it up and put on the brave director face. That's what a director does. Pretends to have their shit together. The first half of the day was a bit of a blur. Between the lack of sleep, time restraints, packing way too much into the first day (I know, I know ... I should practice what I preach) and not getting the coverage I wanted, I was feeling a little "eh". That's not to say that I didn't get kick ass performances and have a beyond amazing crew that worked like a friggin' machine. I just was letting myself down a little. That happens, I guess. It takes the first day to find your feet. Or at least mine. So once I found my little Converse sneakers hitting ground, I set off running. The second half of the day we cranked it out. Everyone worked their little butts off and we got some great footage.

Day 2
Back at Will Branch's house it was like reliving jumping off bridges but with a slightly different crew and new actors. But the green walls and furniture from the Nelson family were still there. Well preserved. This time instead of a family getting over a loss, I had a grungy, tattooed guy burning questionable substances at a makeshift chem lab. The set looked super cool. And we hammered through the scene with speed and precision. By Day 2, I was laughing, giggling, feeling good.

From Will's house we hit the streets of Austin. Poor Curtis probably did more running in one day than I did when I ran a marathon. We got him from every angle, every whip pan, canted angle and against every cool looking building. Fun stuff. And my favorite scene so far is when he crashes through a group of school kids. Awesome.

So this week I prep for the next round of insanity. Making an action film = hard. But when you have a pretty incredible cast and crew working by your side, it makes it a lot easier. I can't tell you enough how much they kick major ass.

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