Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Rock N Rolla Research

Roger and I skipped out of the office late this afternoon to go catch Rock N Rolla. I considered it research as I continue to storyboard for this weekend's shoot. We're doing the fight sequence, all the cars at the stoplight and a few driving shots. I got lots of fun ideas to use. And then tonight I half heartedly watched Transporter 2 ... again for driving shots ideas.

I totally dug Rock N Rolla. About the first twenty minutes I was lost, confused, wondering if I'd like it, but then as it kept going, I got suckered in. What a great cast. Tom Wilkinson in particular. I adore that man. It was a fun, rollercoaster of a movie. There's an awesome sequence with Gerard Butler, Idris Elba and two thugs beating each other up in a heist sequence. Totally badass. And hilarious. I might have to make another action film after this one to keep working at it. I'm learning a whole lot. And loving it.

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