Monday, November 17, 2008

Please Don't Yell at Me

I'm a nervous wreck getting my blood drawn. I don't do flu shots because I hate, hate, hate needles. My stomach turns and clenches anytime I have to talk to a cop or a State Trooper (which I had to do this weekend). I don't do rollercoasters because I'll give myself a heart attack. Now I can add something new to my list of freak outs ... UT Equipment Check In. (Insert scream from a horror film here.)

I have to brace myself to go to UT Equipment Check In. Checking out .... no problem. But check in ... argh. When I haul the equipment in, I hold my breath and pray to the heavens above. There's a bit of a chill when I get there. It's quiet, not too many smiles (especially at 8 or 9am). My stomach tosses and turns as I wait for the staff to pour through every item looking for anything broken or missing. Please let it all be there. Please let it work. Please don't yell at me. Please don't yell at me. I hate getting yelled at. The first week, I was missing a Lav Mic clip. This week I came in with a broken C-Stand and a missing quad extension cord. A few hours after you leave, you get the dreaded "UT RTF Check Out" email telling you how much you owe for the mishaps and how much you suck for letting it happen. Not really, but you feel like crap because you couldn't keep everything in check. Like getting yelled at by your parents when you hid your veggies in your napkin. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I know I suck.

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abc said...

I remember that worry--back when I was a film production student at Iowa. I was the worst. I dropped a lense! I lost department keys. I was a total screw up in the equipment dept. I had a reputation! It was a nightmare & one of the items on the list of reasons I didn't pursue film.