Monday, November 17, 2008

10 Things I Learned on Set this Weekend

(That's me with the red sweater and cute little hat.)

1) There are really drunk frat boys wandering the city streets at 5am on a Saturday morning. And not only are they drunk, it's 30 degrees outside and they're wearing T-shirts. Stupid, stupid drunk college boys.

2) Choreographing prop cars, actors and extras on city streets is like being six again and playing with my legos and matchbox cars.

3) When actors are fighting in the streets in their beat up Thunderbirds and bright purple Cadillacs, acting super tough, random bystanders who don't see the crew around the corner get REALLY nervous.

4) Boys who appear rough and tumble on the outside are sugary sweet on the inside. Gary Grizzle, Mark, Jeremiah, Sonny, Curtis, Gordon and RJ I'm talking to you.

5) How to cram four people into a car (1 Actor and 3 Crew) and hide the three crew from the shot that the camera in the adjacent car is getting.

6) How to talk on two different cell phones at the same time to two different prop cars (one in front and one in back), while you're in the third (in the middle) and choreograph all three driving through the city streets, while the actors are in character, sound is rolling and random pedestrians are freaking out because you're "gang boys" keep getting out of the car to pick fights and whistle at the ladies on the sidewalks.

7) That Sonny and RJ should have their own little "Gang Boy" TV show where we just follow them around and they improv endlessly. You get lots of great one-liners. "Your whole family's made of useless".

8) According to Sonny when he worked with Mike Judge on Idiocracy, Mike Judge shoots everything from 40 different angles. Whoa. That's just totally exhausting to even think about.

9) Marshall is in love with Chipotle burritos.

10) When you have a kick ass producer (Ms. Langee), crew and cast to make movies with, you get good footage, great performances and have the best time in the whole wide world making the magic happen.


Jennifer Gandin Le said...

Hooray! It's awesome to read these stories as they trickle in from the shoot. It sounds like you had some fantastic fun and got great work done. Kudos!

ctxphotoman said...

Two (of the many things)things I learned......

When Kat & Leslie are both jumping up & down like a coil spring on a trampoline, it MUST be a good take.

Look in the bottom of the grip kit.

Bonus lesson:
Eyeballs on a story board should include the eyebrows.