Monday, October 06, 2008

You Ever Have Those Days ... ?

Where no matter how much you feel like you're about to catch up, you fall really far behind again. Like an episode of The Twilight Zone. Or like the recurring dream I had in high school. In my dream, I would try putting a paperclip on a stack of papers, but the stack was too thick and the paperclip kept popping off. Over an over and over again. But I would still try to put that paperclip on. Or the other dream I'd have where I'm putting a rubber band around rolled up posters and it kept breaking. Again and again and again. What does that say about me?

Every time I delete emails from my inbox a whole slew of new ones crop up. Every time I knock off items from my "to dos" ... double the original amount get added. Every time I figure out one major issue with the new film, another comes up. Argh. I haven't even started on my class stuff for this week. Dear God, or whoever or whatever is up there ... can you add a few more hours to the day? Please oh please? And tell my husband I miss him and I'll be home soon. I hope.


David Lowery said...

I don't get this thing about deleting e-mails from inboxes. My inbox has about 5300 e-mails in it, and that number is comforting to me.

Kat Candler said...

i delete or archive. mostly delete though. i have to keep my inbox to under 20 or else it'll make me freak.