Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Why Don't You Live in LA?

When talking to industry folks in Los Angeles today ... the same question I've been asked time and time again came up. Why don't you live in Los Angeles? Not once, but three times during the conversation. No really, why don't you live in Los Angeles? No really, I want to live here. If I lived in Los Angeles, I'd be earning a living stapling papers, filing crapola, feeling like crapola ... here I get to inspire minds, teach people how to make movies, be friends with cool, sweet people and make movies on my own without asking for permission.

What's funny is after being riled by the repeated question this morning, I met up with a bunch of other filmmakers at City Hall to talk to officials about how to keep Austin filmmakers in Austin.

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Joe Choe said...

I'm going to California to film a movie on November 22nd, but I have to admit, Austin is wayyyy more appealing to me right now. It was always my plan to move back to California after film school, but after making movies here and there, I just gotta say... it's so much easier/fun here. I'm talking to my entire production group and trying to convince them to move operations here! haha