Monday, October 20, 2008

Losing My Memory

If for some reason I see you somewhere and we've met and I can't remember how we know each other, it's because I'm losing my mind. I have that feeling a lot of, I know this person. I know I know this person. How do I know this person? I had it today at Zen. His face was so familiar, but I thought it was so familiar because I used to see him at Quacks. But wait, I know him from somewhere else. Like we've actually met. Through a friend, maybe? I'll run through the rolodex in my head. Sometimes it works, mostly, it doesn't. I really am losing my memory though. No, seriously. Mostly my short term memory. I'll forget scenes from a movie I JUST watched. Or moments that happened last week. Mark tells me that I'm losing it. I'm only 33. Is this like my 1/3 life crisis? Is this what happens? Starts with the memory. Then my back? Then my arthritis? Then my hips. Oh lord. So if we see each other and it takes me a second, I'm really sorry. It's because my mind is going.


~L~ said...

It's me, Leslie.
We're making a film together.
I'm the tall one.

Kat Candler said...

give me a second ... (scrolling through rolodex in head) ... YES! i think you might've been in a film i made a few years back.

David Lowery said...

Carrot juice is good for your memory.

~L~ said...

Yes, That's right! Very good!!!

karen said...

Try living in New York where you see famous faces on the streets all the time too and think, Did I go to school with that guy? How do I know him?
At least we're getting old together, lovie!