Sunday, October 12, 2008

Girls Now Conference, Austin, TX

OCTOBER 25, 2008
Ann Richards School (2206 Prather Lane)

Do you have a daughter, niece, granddaughter or friend who is dealing with bullying or body image issues? Sign her up for the Girls NOW! Conference, on Sat., October 25th 8am to 4pm at the Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders.(2206 Prather Lane) This all day event is full of empowering and educating workshops for girls in grades 6-9 and includes national speakers Courtney Martin (author of Perfect Girls, Starving Daughters) and Dove's Real Beauty campaign spokeswoman Jess Weiner.

Hands on, interactive breakout sessions on a variety of related topics are being offered by the premiere "girl" non-profits of Central Texas such as GENaustin, Latinitas, Girlstart, Girl Scouts, Girl Clubs.

Go to to register.

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