Sunday, October 19, 2008


I'm not a party person. I never have been. I stayed at home and watched SNL in college when my friends would hit the keggers. At 33, I'm still a home body. But Friday night, I stepped out into the town. Jason, Laura, Roger and I met up at the Austin Film Festival BBQ at the French Legation. So many folks I haven't seen in ages. It was nice seeing everyone from Bob Hudgins to Chris Ohlson. John Bryant to Mike Scannel, Chris Eska to Drew Mayer Oaks and everyone in between. The highlight was Barbara Morgan introducing me to Jeff Nichols (Shotgun Stories). I was a total fangirl. I'm so in love with your film!!! I was totally stupid. But I do. I love his film so much. And he was nothing but humble and nice.

Afterwards was a fun evening at Bess on 6th street with old friends who are in town for the festival and some new folks. It was the only night I'd be able to do anything involving the film festival, or being able to see the out of town friends. So I made the most of it. I didn't come crawling home until almost 1am. A record for me, maybe. I might be partied out for a while though.

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